Protecting God's Legacy

Decades later we continue to glory God.  We recognize that we belong to God’s Church.  His Church doesn’t belong to us, just as it didn’t belong to the saints before us.  Therefore, as God’s stewards, it is imperative that we protect His Church…by continuing to follow the Great Commission (Matt 28).  


Honoring Saints Before Us

Our predecessors desired to exalt God by sharing His gospel with others.  They wanted to help their family, friends and the lost to find Christ.  Many years ago, they gathered into communities of believers & started new congregations throughout the United States. 

Because their faith, sacrifice and service, we have been blessed.  We appreciate these Saints.  We seek to honor their memory and their vision.    


Leaving a Legacy

God seeks to be in close relationship with all of humanity.  God desires to restore us to him.  Also, he has commanded us to disciple others into a deep relationship with Christ.   Our legacy is to follow God’s will.  By restoring ourselves to Him AND by making disciples of others is how we can glorify God.